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June 20, 2022

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After a break of two months, Hopelessly Liberal is back with a new URL, www.hopelesslyliberal.com, but the same focus on classic liberal principles, viewpoints and aspirations.  These are expressed only when we have special, if not unique, expertise or perspective.

In addition to the site’s design improvements, that will be apparent to subscribers and other recidivists, the site now hosted by top shelf web lackeys is easier to navigate, search and share content from.  In the coming weeks additional content will appear – including more recent op-eds and video and audio content uncovered by media archaeologists.

During the redesign hiatus, HL received a fair number of suggestions to post on guns and the January 6, 2021, investigation and report.  But as stated we post only when we have some special knowledge or perspective.  With these two vitally important topics we currently have none.

With guns we have had that perspective at certain previous horrible moments in this continuing uniquely American tragedy.  HL 156, also posted today, reviews those earlier gun op-eds and posts, depressingly noting they could have been written today.  Nothing has changed at the national/federal level, notwithstanding Congress’ current focus on Red Flags and bad boyfriends, while continuing to invite all other boys to celebrate their 18th with purchase of machine guns.  A reminder: classic liberals recognize that boys as contrasted with girls/women of that age are different.

HL 157, also posted today, does not offer unique perspective on the January 6 hearings/report, because we have none.  But it invites readers to “Meet The New Rudy G.  Same As The Old Rudy G.” – from events three decades back that we experienced personally, painfully and intimately.

As 1980s restaurant wait staff and newer fully automatic espresso machines announce before one ingests and imbibes – Enjoy!


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