HL 157 – The January 6 Hearings Invite Us To Meet The New Rudy Giuliani Same As The Old Rudy Giuliani

June 21, 2022

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The January 6 hearings have provided many moving images of the sober and at times purportedly inebriated Rudolf Giuliani, lying about massive voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, that purportedly involved illegal aliens and dead people voting and Rudy proclaiming because of that Biden should not and would not become President.

Rudolf Giuliani

The Giuliani tapes have been aggregated and compellingly presented at the hearings but available since the election.  And during those 19 months many – especially lawyers – have been heard saying something like “Holy Mackerel – what happened to Rudy – as U.S. Attorney, as NYC Mayor, as Democratic Party Committee member on Long Island, Rudy was a good lawyer committed to the rule of law and the fair administration of justice” or words to that effect.

Typical of this were photos and comments submitted by a classmate to a recent law school “Reunion Book” where he posted a photo of Rudy and him embracing with the caption “Rudy Giuliani and I were prosecutors together – this was before Rudy’s recent ‘lapses.’”  We respectfully dissent, believing long ago and contextually asserting that Rudy was selectively interpreting and enforcing law to serve his interests du jour.

Dennis Vacco

In the early 1980s we advised our state AG boss that in an organized crime investigation conducted in coordination with U.S. Attorney Rudy, that his office was wantonly violating rules involving the recording and use of privileged conversations and that Rudy was also violating the rules of that coordinated investigation.  To which our boss responded, “you want me to question Rudy Giuliani’s prosecutorial tactics?, who am I to do that?”  Readers are spared our response.

Fifteen years later we were named Chair/Director for the transition of a new state AG who on election night was more than 20,000 votes ahead of the incumbent with far, far less than that number of votes still to be counted.  Republican incumbent AG Dennis Vacco refused to concede and allow winner Eliot Spitzer and his transition director to have a full and meaningful transition.  Vacco strongly supported by Mayor Giuliani claimed that upwords of 103,000 illegal ballots had been cast for the Democrat in New York City.  The illegal votes had been cast by dead people and illegal aliens said Rudy, and he promised to deploy hundreds of NYC cops to investigate and interview the illegal voters in New York City “communities of color.”

A state AG transition is not as important as one to President – the New York Attorney General lacking the authority to wage nuclear war among other deficits.  But it is important in a state that houses the world capital and has an economy that would put it in the G-20.

A roughly two-month transition was reduced to just two weeks by Vacco and Rudy’s actions – which they dropped when a state Supreme Court Justice, named Keegan, began legally removing the Mayor’s and Attorney General’s fictional clothing.  Many bad people change for the better and vice versa.  But with Rudy, and the rule of law and fair administration of justice – once a scumbag always a scumbag.


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