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News, not blather

Arab TV network has the right to attract U.S. viewers If you are in the satire or irony businesses, the announcement that Al Gore's Current TV network is being sold to Al Jazeera and converted into "Al Jazeera America" is almost too good to be true. The new network...

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Credit where it isn’t due

The truth behind the gimmickry of 'Small Business Saturday' A story on the front page of the Times Union on Sunday, Nov. 25, had the headline "Stores' strategies for getting a grip on your green." It provided shoppers with vital information about retail marketing...

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All the wrong lessons

What have we learned that's constructive about gun violence? It's been four months since the shooting death of Gary Cota, a 13-year-old living in Fort Edward, was front-page news in the Times Union. The June 7 article carried the ironic headline, "From death, lesson...

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Quality to the core

There's a reason why Apple continues its success On Aug. 20, Apple was reported the "most valuable" company ever, as measured by its market capitalization of roughly $619 billion, calculated by multiplying the number of Apple shares by the price they were trading at....

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More of the same from Cuomo

Governor's secrecy reflects his tenure as attorney general The public is learning more about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's iron-fisted control of information concerning his performance in public office. This unfolding awareness began with investigative work by this newspaper....

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Roberts seizes the moment

Chief Justice earns the title with his decision on Obamacare With most titles of great power and authority, such as President, Queen, or in this case, Chief Justice, two things have to happen before the position is fully owned and deserved. The person must be elected,...

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Priceless Cover

Priceless: The Case that Brought Down the Visa/ MasterCard Bank Cartel

Journal of Plague Year cover

Journal of the Plague Year: An Insider’s Chronicle of Eliot Spitzer’s Short and Tragic Reign