HL 97 – “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” HL’s Public Service COVID-19 Post

March 16, 2020

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As Crash Davis explained to Nuke LaLoosh “You’re gonna have to learn your clichés.  You’re going to have to study them.  You’re going to have to know them.  They’re your friends.”

Platitudes are important, especially for leaders confronting a crisis.  That’s why we found Bernie Sanders’ and Joe Biden’s March 12 counter-COVID-19 leadership speeches and plans comforting.  Especially in comparison to Trump’s bumbling March 11 fireside chat, that he wheezed through on national TV and that had to immediately be corrected by his staff and his own tweet.  Like, but not limited to the European trade ban that wasn’t and wouldn’t be imposed.

Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden

Biden’s speech was far superior on the tritemeter.  Sanders got bogged down in specific demands for paid leave and eviction and foreclosure moratoria.  And, of course, the self-evident assertion that with single-payer healthcare we wouldn’t be having the debate about who will pay for testing and treatment of COVID-19 for whom, and instead be testing and treating the disease.

The best, among the many clichés employed by Biden was that the virus would not target nor “passover” members of any American political party nor discriminate in a variety of other ways mentioned.  That one was the most important because in word, deed and irrepressible tic Trump’s response to this plague has been dominated by his prejudices, political calibrations and profound ignorance of and aversion to science.  Typified by his renaming COVID-19 as the “Foreign Virus.”

Donald Trump

Maintaining our theme that hackneyed truths help when the shit hits the fan and Spain attacks with Flu or Inquisition, HL will offer two of the trite but true from the articles of faith in the liberal worldview.

Liberals believe in the perfectibility of the homo sapien species.  And believe that a major tool in that process is the intelligent use of science.  This is not a time for “magical thinking” such as “It’s going to disappear one day like a miracle.”  We must do all the stuff the Tony Fauci’s of the world incessantly tell us to do, including social distancing.

Second, which might be construed as a possible exception to the first, but not really.  Hold on tight to the loves in your life.


  1. Jillian Jacobs

    This article has brought comfort and subtle humor to my morning coffee regiment today. It’s a nice break from having to practice my newly closeted liberal tactics out here in Arizona. Don’t stop writing and stay safe.

    • Lloyd Constantine

      You stay safe as well Jillian Not sure where you are in that beautiful state but I’ve placed you in Sedona Lloyd aka HL


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