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December 27, 2016

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Hopelessly Liberal’s last post of 2016 channels Paul “Rhymin” Simon, son of your blogger’s third grade teacher at P.S. 164 in Queens, who wrote that there must be “50 ways to leave your lover.”  Liberals found that many at least, to lose the 2016 presidential election.  While recognizing the not insubstantial contributions of Vladimir Putin, Jim Comey and Alexander Hamilton, the vast majority and greater weight is on us.  And I would and do say every one of us.  Among us there were those who went the extra mile to secure this impossible defeat.  The Clintons were prominent, if not second and first, among them.

A)  Without his signature climb up those airstairs there was no amoral and inept Loretta Lynch.

B)  Without her textbook Clintonian, only the little people use GSA servers, there was no Comey.

Debbie Wasserman to Resign DNC PostThe voice I’ve heard in my sleep, many nights, is Steve Colbert’s a week before Election Day telling Terry Gross of Fresh Air, that “Donald Trump maybe the only person Hillary Clinton could defeat.”  And while I agreed at the time, when I hear it now, Colbert emphasizes “may” his pitch rises and he pauses before “be”.

And the other stars in this self-inflicted debacle.  The Russian hackers prioritized the Democratic Party contest being rigged by the DNC.  The DNC
that just had to place Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s heavy thumb on the scale to assure that Hillary would secure her win over Bernie Sanders that she probably, though not definitely, would have won anyway.

The DNC of today is trying to force Jennifer Granholm down everyone’s throat, to avoid a true changing of the guard that Keith Ellison would represent and avoid placing a true liberal at the head of the DNC for the first time in a long while.

The DNC, that once again is headed by Donna Brazile, the once and present interim chair, amazingly reinstalled to replace the corrupt Wasserman DB3Schultz – though Brazile continued and continues the sloppy tricks and lies that forced the DNC reluctantly to remove her predecessor.  How many times during this year did you get an email from Donna?  I received hundreds and one just the other day where she lied about her and the DNC’s support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s battle over the North Dakota Pipeline.  Many of Donna’s messages came with a request to donate and a convenient $3 button.  A happy and fitting end to this awful year involves giving back.  Send $3 to the DNC earmarked to send Donna to Brazil(e) for a well earned, hopefully long vacation, for her and from her.


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