HL 50 – The Gun Cult Descends into Shirley Jackson’s Lottery Land

May 25, 2018

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After Parkland, in stand your ground Florida and the Santa Fe Massacre in the have it your way (open and/or concealed carry) Lone Star state, the gun cult doubled and redoubled down.  Armed guards at both schools weren’t enough.  More guns packed by more teachers were needed and might have reduced the number of casualties – they chanted.  And one might predict that it is just a matter of time until the cult calls for armed high school students.  Except a cult lawmaker already proposed that.  He be Ohio Republican Representative Niraj Antani.

Niraj Antani

Wednesday night, many Santa Fe cultists repaired to their secondary temples of worship, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, et al.  They sought solace and comprehension of how this and these massacres fit into God’s design.  But their primary belief system is the gun cult.  That cult involves and embraces human sacrifice of people of all races, shapes and sizes.  Increasingly of schoolchildren.  The cult’s embrace is not of a “collateral damage” of the sacred “Second” and their exaggerated and wholly fallacious concept of what that constitutional amendment guarantees.

Shirley Jackson

No, the carnage has become as necessary to cult cohesion as human child sacrifice was/is to other cults and religions.  Shall we count and name them?  It is as part and parcel as the annual ritualistic group killing portrayed in Shirley Jackson’s “Lottery” was.  None of the good people in author Jackson’s town (she had Bennington, Vermont in mind) wanted their kid to be among those chosen regularly and ritualistically.  But that cult stood by the annual sacrifice and its necessity and centrality to the cult’s continued existence.  The gun cult does as well.




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