HL 47 – Steal this Book (And Trash It) That’s What It’s Worth

October 10, 2017

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As celebration of the Summer of Love’s 50th draws to a close and the masterful Burns/Novick Vietnam War series airs, those of an age recall the depravity, tragedy, greatness and ecstasy of that era.  Abbie Hoffman, one of its prophets, spit out advice that has stood the test of time.  Steal a copy of Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened,” read it if her book tour snippets haven’t sufficed, recycle it responsibly and feel the power of justly saying “no.”  To her, publisher Simon and Schuster and the Paul Begala/Donna Brazile brigade that would tether you to the Clintons for another quarter century.  Chelsea Clinton’s recent book “She Persisted” is a key component of that effort.  A classic pre-candidacy platform, only this time it is “Dreams with My Mother” presaging early and often deployment of the gender card.

First Amendment law and policy students:  Yes, HL has satirically called upon readers to break the law contained in statutes that state legislatures had clear authority to enact.  Whether there is a clear and present danger my advice will be followed and the laws to be broken are sufficiently compelling to trump my free speech rights is for you to analyze and for me to grade your reasoning.

Or alternatively, purchase her book and listen as Rachel Maddow and other Hillaryphants bill, coo and gush over her and the book.  In many of these book tour interviews they lob her slow hanging curve balls and she explains the self-evident “clear and present danger” and depravity of the Trump presidency that she is most responsible for.  She, more than Jim Comey, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, Mr. Putin or Ms. Ogyny.  She.

Your choice, potential buyer of a memoir researched and considered for about 15 minutes and rushed to market because we really need it and she really needs the money.  A work that begs another First Amendment question, i.e. whether it has any redeeming social value?[1]

[1]   Thanks and credit to Buffalo Springfield for “For What It’s Worth.”


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