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September 18, 2017

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Guess who the ugly old American Woman is these days?  Sorry sisters, the one Canada looks down on, the one the world despises, the one with war machines and ghetto dreams.  Its personification is Donald Trump – say T, say R, say U, say M, say P and Trump gonna mess your mind and already is.  For example, how are you feeling about the DACA deal that Trump appears to be cutting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?

In your mind and heart is it all about the 800 thousand dreamers?  Do the non-wall border security quid pro quos matter to you?  How does Mitch McConnell’s and Paul Ryan’s obvious discomfort about this and about the preceding debt ceiling pact with the Democrats factor into the way the ego and id are processing these developments and taxing the super-ego attempting to referee?  Add the fact that some in the deplorable/unshakeable Trump base – those who wouldn’t abandon Donald after he commits murder on Fifth Avenue (or slaughter on Tenth) seem to be.  Some have even publicly burned their “Make America Great Again” dunce caps.

The mind ponders whether any of this increases the likelihood of his impeachment by a House of Representatives led by Ryan and his conviction by the McConnell-led United States Senate?  Or does it decrease the odds of that hoped for outcome?  And does it make his previously unthinkable re-election plausible or virtually impossible because of the departing base and the further disaffected Republican establishment?

More such conscience twisters await and will arise daily.  This week we will ask ourselves whether we would like Trump to play the buffoon and bully at the U.N. that as President-Elect he described as a “club for people to get together, talk and have a good time.  So sad.”

Future likely mindfucks may include a Donald/Chuck/Nancy deal on reform of a tax system that begs for reformation.  In another possible bargain ObamaCare could be maintained, stabilized and improved, as it cries for improvement.  But with each such deal the liberal mind will roil with ambivalence.  Because above all in many such minds, as in this one, the desire is to never see Trump’s “face no more.”[1]

[1]   All quotes with or without notation in this post, not otherwise specifically attributed are from “American Woman” a 1970 rock classic written and originally performed by the Canadian group “Guess Who.”


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