HL 27 – The Guilty Conscience of the Liberal Mind Confronts Trump’s Inheritance of ObamaCare

March 29, 2017

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Admit it, I have.  More than a few times in the last several months you have thought “I hope when TrumpCare passes, his supporters lose their ObamaCare policies and experience how little is covered under their new health insurance, if any.”  Then the mind conjured a map and honed in on the West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, axis of self-inflicted injury.  Right after that an angel admonished that these thoughts were evil, mean spirited and that we must wish them the very best of all possible outcomes in this and every aspect of life with Trump.  But then the instant rejoinder – “Trump and everything he touches must fail, to hasten his quick exit and prevent anyone or thing like him from happening again.”

These internal conversations were speculative – assuming the repeal and replace outcome that did not happen – not yet that is.  And now Trump, the Republican controlled Congress and Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price, will have tools to cause many of the terrible outcomes under ObamaCare that we sometimes wished would result from TrumpCare.

These levers begin with a decision about whether the justice department will defend against a House lawsuit designed to eliminate the subsidies used by a majority of ObamaCare policyholders.  Trump, Price and Ryan (to the questionable extent he controls his conference) will have numerous opportunities to make ObamaCare unravel or instead maintain and build upon its success in covering tens of millions of previously uninsured Americans.

All Americans, and especially the fortunate few whose boutique doctors accept American Express Platinum for payment, but no or few types of health insurance, may now witness how bad it is when the poor and defenseless are punished for political gain.  Against all odds, your blogger hopes that the better angels of Ryan’s, Price’s and Trump’s natures prevail.  Though there is virtually nothing in the thoroughly corrupt and vindictive pasts of the president and secretary to suggest that this will happen, with the speaker there is some hope.

Turning inward, this turnabout teaches never again to hope for suffering among any members of the American family.  It comes around quickly and it’s sort of like torture, which as we’ve learned from Judge Gorsuch, works “Yes.”  But any short term gains from either, are far outweighed by the destruction of our society and our souls.


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