HL 23 – Trump Wiretap Tantrum Evokes Twilight Zone Episode 73

March 9, 2017

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President Trump’s latest puerile Twitter tantrum involves his claim that “sad” or “sick” predecessor Obama tapped Donald’s phone before he took office.  Again, this caused many to search for analogies and references in art, hi and lo, to compare with Trump’s actions and the “carnage” daily inflicted on our country by it and him.

One reference that scared the bemozes out of your blogger, because it so precisely captured the look and feel not only of Trump but the finger puppets that surround, indulge and encourage him, is Twilight Zone Episode 73.  It will be familiar to many readers of an age, certain or otherwise, and also for many Gen Xers and some Millennials who saw it reprised in the 1983 T-Zone movie.

Six year old Anthony Fremont is abusing his awesome powers, having isolated his Ohio town from the rest of the world.  The people live in fear, cooing to him that every vile and destructive thing he does is “good” because he savagely punishes every protest in word or thought.  As little Anthony proceeds to destroy the climate and starve the townspeople, his father smiles telling Anthony in a tortured voice “it’s good . . . a real good thing and tomorrow’s gonna be a good day” evoking Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the newest Trumpeteer Sarah Huckabee Sanders nervously citing unspecified “credible news sources” and “information and intelligence that the rest of us do not [have]” in attempting to apply a patina of substance or sanity to Trump’s claim.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

His basis appears to be nothing more than something Mark Levin said, without citing source, on his radio program that later was repeated by Breitbart.  Republican congressional leaders are also apparently frightened enablers.  Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr and his counterpart in the House, Devin Nunes, promised to investigate despite unqualified denials by former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and current FBI Director James Comey.

Rod Serling

Despite the likelihood that this Trump claim is as malicious and baseless as the many previous in his burgeoning parade of lies, this one at least provokes hope that it is true.  Because if – that would mean an Article III or FISA judge was convinced that probable cause was shown of Trump conspiring with the Russians and therefore signed a warrant authorizing the tap.  Then we might expect an earlier end to this nightmare presidency than the three years previously predicted here.

Until that merciful end comes, I will hear Rod Serling’s epitaph to Episode 73 as it plays in my ears – “we wanted to introduce you to one of our very special citizens little [Donald Trump] who lives in a place that used to be [the United States] and if you should run across him you had best think only good thoughts because you have entered the Twilight Zone.”


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