HL 187 – Our First Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Foist Your Religion on Me

June 24, 2024

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While signing into law the blatantly and comically unconstitutional requirement that the Top Ten Judeo-Christian DOs and DON’Ts be displayed in every Louisiana public school classroom, Governor Jeff Landry said, “If you want to respect the rule of law. . . you’ve got to start from the original lawgiver, which was Moses.”

Jeff Landry

Because, as I’ve said, its unconstitutionality is blatant and certain to be so ruled, and because Landry, the former attorney general of his state, that ranks 47th in public school quality, knows that I can dispense with the “why that is so”.  I assume that most readers who didn’t attend charters learned that by 7th grade.  Let’s instead proceed to the Louisiana law’s comical and ironic aspects.

Starting with Governor Landry’s ignorance of the identity and chronology of “lawgivers” that preceded those in Louisiana, like him.  Preceding Moses by some four centuries was Hammurabi, who even established the presumption of innocence.

Code of Hammurabi

It’s funny that in pandering to Christian nationalists including Mrs. Alito – she of the “Appeal to Heaven” and “Sacred Heart of Jesus” flags – Landry gave Moses the Jewish GOAT, first props.  One might have expected him to instead quote the Christian Nationalist golden rule “Do unto others before they do it to you”.

And Landry is also a big Trump supporter.  Why then would he spotlight a code that his hero violates early, often, proudly and is well-known and adjudicated as doing so.

Trump’s serial lying was documented by the Washington Post to have included 30,573 lies in his four years as President, making mincemeat of #9.  #7, the adultery one, is another that Trump chronically and proudly violates.  Think not only of Karen and Stormy but his public proclamation that Marla Maples “was the best sex he ever had.”  While still married to Ivana, of blessed memory.  Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 election calls for legal interpretation of whether attempted theft violates #8.  Further legal interpretation is required to determine whether Trump’s lustful public comments about daughter Ivanka constitute coveting of his neighbor’s ass in violation of #10.


Landry and the Louisiana legislature clearly are attempting to foist into the brains and shove down the throats of Louisiana students’ Judeo-Christian doctrine.

It will be funny and ironic when Jewish lawyers in the ACLU in Ron Reagan’s Freedom From Religion Foundation and other lefty legal groups shove the First Amendment down Jeff Landry’s throat.

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