HL 15 – The John Lewis – Donald Trump Battle is Not All Black and White

January 18, 2017

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Trump on Streep was dead wrong.  The true “Hillary flunky” is Paul Krugman, who in his January 16th op-ed “With All Due Disrespect” predictably echoed the DNC party line about the Congressman John Lewis – PE Trump exchange, that has resulted in a burgeoning parade of house members announcing they will emulate the Georgia civil rights icon and boycott the inauguration this coming Black Friday.  One of those sheep is my representative, Jerry Nadler.

Trump’s attack on Lewis was vintage – short, nasty, brutish and devoid of fact.  It followed Lewis’ decision, announced on Meet the Press, not about the self-evident Trump flaws, and the dangers that his likely short presidency will bring to our nation.  Instead Lewis delivered a verdict of illegitimacy to the imminent Trump presidency, by elevating fears and suspicions, that many have, to factual status, but without proof.  And though unlike chief birther Trump, Lewis had some basis for his verdict of an illegitimate presidency – both men injured the welfare of our country by their actions and both were proceeding from feelings of deep personal animosity.

In Trump’s case the animus was well earned, but so what if it injured the country and possibly Congressman Lewis’ constituents.  Lewis’ aforementioned hard earned iconic status does not excuse him from those responsibilities.  The Sanders voters will recall how, during primary season, Lewis dismissed Bernie’s long and deep civil rights record with a dismissive “never saw him – never met him.”  Sanders will attend the inauguration and has made clear that he will hold Trump’s feet to the fire on the infrastructure – trade – prescription price and many other promises made during the campaign and transition.  And to my representative, Jerry Nadler, I expect you to do the same and am sorry you aren’t attending.

A petty grudge holder like Trump might take it out on your district – except last time I looked that hotel in Columbus Circle with Donald’s name was right in the middle of New York’s 10th.


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