Lloyd Constantine

Hopelessly Liberal

Lloyd is a litigator and author whose work in antitrust and civil liberties law and poor people’s advocacy in and opposed to government involves many important, controversial and heavily reported legal, political and business trends in America from the 1970s to the present.

Photo: Roman Iwasiwka

LLoyd Constantine
Photo: Roman Iwasiwka

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Priceless Cover

Priceless: The Case that Brought Down the Visa/MasterCard Bank Cartel

Lloyd Constantine began his career in legal services, representing impoverished clients in civil rights and constitutional cases. Decades later, he would make headlines for representing retailers…


Journal of Plague Year cover

Journal of the Plague Year: An Insider’s Chronicle of Eliot Spitzer’s Short and Tragic Reign

In November 2006, Eliot Spitzer was on top of the political world, having won the New York Governorship by the greatest margin ever—far outdistancing his predecessors Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.